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Domestic Violence Related Disorderly Conduct Charges

Committing any of the following acts that result in disturbing a neighborhood, family, or individual can warrant a Disorderly Conduct charge, whether the individual intended to disturb the peace or did so inadvertently.

In Arizona, the six ways a person can be charged with Disorderly Conduct include:

  1. Fighting or engaging in violence that is disruptive
  2. Making an excessive amount of noise
  3. Cursing or using language/gestures intended to provoke a fight
  4. Disruptive behavior that prevents business operations or transactions
  5. Refusal to comply with public safety order in the event of an emergency
  6. Using a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument recklessly

According to the Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-2904,

Disorderly conduct under subsection A, paragraph 6 (using a deadly weapon) is a class 6 felony. Disorderly conduct under subsection A, paragraph 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (disorderly conduct without a dangerous instrument) is a class 1 misdemeanor.

Disorderly conduct charges are commonly associated with events of domestic violence. When spouses, significant others, or family members argue, it can become heated and cause a great deal of noise. Even things that happen behind closed doors, if heard outside of those doors, can be grounds for a domestic violence related disorderly conduct charge.

In addition to the penalties associated with a class 1 misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charge or a class 6 felony Disorderly Conduct charge, those that stem from domestic abuse situations can warrant additional consequences, such as an order of protection (restraining order). Orders of Protection in Arizona can carry consequences such as a "move out order" which requires you to move out of your current residence, staying away from your spouse, or losing visitation privileges.

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