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An Overview of Arizona Weapons Violations

There are lawful and unlawful uses for weapons in the state of Arizona. Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-3102 details 16 types of misconduct involving weapons, as well as various exceptions and penalties.

Having a deadly weapon on your person while using a means of transportation
From riding your bike to driving a car, if you have anything other than a pocket knife on your person that is concealed. It could carry enhanced penalties if the individual is under the age of 21. This statute also says that not only can you not have a concealed weapon on your person, but it also cannot be in your immediate control. Say, for example, you have a weapon (not a pocket knife) in your vehicle while you are driving. An officer pulls you over and finds probable cause for a search. The officer finds the weapon, and although it was not on your person, it was in your immediate control.

Manufacturing, possessing, transporting, or selling an illegal weapon
Manufacturing illegal weapons, having them on your person or within your control, transporting illegal weapons (to a buyer, distributor, or for another purpose), and the sale of illegal weapons is a crime in the state of Arizona.

Possessing a weapon when you are prohibited to do so
Certain individuals are prohibited from possessing deadly weapons. Often, this includes people convicted of certain felony offenses.

Enabling a prohibited possessor to have a weapon
Selling, transferring, or otherwise giving a weapon to someone who is a prohibited possessor is also a criminal offense in Arizona.

Defacing a deadly weapon
Defacing a weapon, such as taking the serial number off a gun, is a criminal offense, as is possessing a gun that has been defaced.

Using a deadly weapon to commit certain felony offenses
Certain felony offenses can carry enhanced penalties and/or become aggravated when a weapon is used. For example, assault becomes aggravated assault when the defendant uses a deadly weapon.

Bringing a deadly weapon to a public place
Discharging your weapon in an occupied structure, bringing your weapon to a public establishment, bringing a weapon to a school, and bringing a deadly weapon to a polling place are all examples of weapons offenses in Arizona.

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