7 Collateral Consequences of a Sex Offense

It is pretty safe to assume that most people are aware of the direct consequences associated with a sex offense. If an individual is convicted, they will most likely face a long prison sentence and costly fines. While these are the more obvious penalties, there are collateral consequences that a majority of people don’t seem to think about until they start to affect their lives. At MayesTelles PLLC, our Phoenix criminal defense lawyers are well aware of the various collateral consequences that a sex offense can have.

Career Opportunities

Along with a conviction for a sex crime comes a social stigma that can follow you wherever you go, including into the workplace. Any career opportunity after a conviction will be much more difficult to secure. With severe sex offense cases, it can be nearly impossible.

Family and Friends

If you have a family, this situation can break it apart completely. You may lose your spouse, children, and other relatives who no longer want to communicate with you. This may also cause your friends to change their impression of you and these relationships can be lost.

Location of Residence

When an individual is convicted of a sex crime, they must register as a sex offender on the national registry. The law restricts the locations in which a sex offender can live. This can include limits such as proximity to a school or outside the limitations of a restraining order.

Loss of Reputation

No matter how you were seen before the crime, opinions of you can change quickly if you were convicted of something as serious as a sex offense. This can cause everyone to treat you differently and even develop some resentment.

Educational Opportunities

If you are considering continuing your education, a sex offense conviction can impact your ability to do so. Most institutes of higher learning will ask questions regarding your background and history. A conviction for a sex crime can prove dangerous to other students and you may be denied acceptance.

Loan Applications

Whether you are trying to buy a new car or purchase a home, the loan application process can be negatively impacted by a sex offense conviction. This means that you may be unable to secure the loan you need.

Immigration Issues

Keep in mind that while any sex offense can be serious, if the convicted individual does not hold citizenship in the United States, it can result in deportation.

Sex offenses are serious and any time an individual is charged, it has the possibility to impact his or her life forever. If you were arrested for or charged with a sex offense, call MayesTelles PLLC today. Our Phoenix sex crime defense attorneys are dedicated to defending the rights of our clients from start to finish. We offer 24/7 availability and free case evaluations.