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Todd P. Romero is an Arizona trial lawyer and practices in all areas of criminal defense with an emphasis on complex felony crimes, misdemeanors and DUIs. He has litigated every type of felony offense in courts throughout Arizona. He defends clients in criminal proceedings, investigations and civil administrative actions.

Todd grew up in the small copper mining town of Miami, AZ and the farming/ranching community of Willcox, AZ. He learned from a young age by watching his parents the value hard work and the importance of a college education. The values he learned from his parents have stayed with him as he went off to earn his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Arizona State University, his master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago and his Juris Doctor degree from Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. While pursuing his education he lived and worked in some of the greatest cities in the country from Washington D.C., San Francisco, Chicago to New York City which makes him approachable and can talk to anyone.

Prior to joining MayesTelles, Todd worked for ING Investment Management, the Cochise County Public Defender’s Office and the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office. He has represented clients in scores of felony cases and has received multiple favorable jury trial verdicts. One of Todd’s former clients was charged with an aggravated assault a class 3 dangerous felony and looking at mandatory prison time if convicted at trial. His client was involved in a road rage incident with an off-duty police officer where a firearm was displayed by his client and the off-duty officer. He successfully litigated for the court to allow him to argue self-defense and defensive display of a firearm to the jury during closing arguments. The jury acquitted Todd’s client of the charge.

One of Todd’s most recent jury trials involved his client being charged with armed robbery a class 2 dangerous felony and aggravated assault a class 3 dangerous felony. His client was looking at a significant amount of prison time given his past felony criminal history. Todd convinced the jury during closing argument that the government failed to prove his client was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A majority of jurors agreed, and the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict leading to a hung jury. Rather than retrying the case a second time, the government offered Todd’s client a plea agreement to probation.

As a criminal defense attorney, Todd’s work has showed him how good people sometimes make bad decisions, and that they deserve a second chance. He is committed to hard work, quality and excellence on behalf of his clients. He takes great satisfaction in helping clients, especially when they believe the odds are stacked against them. He knows that the key to a successful outcome for his clients is mastering the facts and evidence so can aggressively advocate for his client’s best interest. Todd’s courtroom experience allows him to provide a persuasive and passionate approach to seeking justice for his clients.