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Are you facing child molestation charges in Arizona?

Arizona comes down hard on people accused of sexual offenses, especially when it comes to crimes against children. If you were accused of molesting a child, we urge you to contact a Phoenix child molestation defense attorney from MayesTelles PLLC. We understand that many innocent people are accused of child molestation, but we also understand the grave consequences of a wrongful conviction.

With a former prosecutor from the Maricopa County Prosecutor's Office on our team who has prosecuted thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases, you can be rest assured that we know how best to defend you against any type of sex-related offense.

Protecting the Rights of Sexual Abuse Victims

At MayesTelles PLLC, we understand the devastating impact that sexual abuse can have on individuals and their families. Our team of experienced sexual abuse lawyers is dedicated to seeking justice for victims and holding perpetrators accountable.

Why choose our firm for your sexual abuse case:

  • Compassionate and supportive approach: We provide a safe and understanding environment for victims to share their experiences and seek legal guidance.
  • Expertise in sexual abuse laws: Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of state and federal laws pertaining to sexual abuse, ensuring that we can effectively navigate your case.
  • Strong advocacy: We are committed to fighting for the rights of victims and pursuing the maximum compensation they deserve for their pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.
  • Collaborative approach: We work closely with medical professionals, therapists, and other experts to build a strong case and provide comprehensive support to our clients.
  • Confidentiality and discretion: We prioritize the privacy of our clients and handle sensitive information with the utmost care and confidentiality.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual abuse, it is crucial to seek legal representation as soon as possible.

Contact our team at MayesTelles PLLC today to schedule a confidential consultation and take the first step towards justice and healing.

Molestation of a Child

Under A.R.S. § 13-1410, molestation of a child, a person is guilty of child molestation when he or she intentionally or knowingly engages in or causes a person to engage in sexual contact, except sexual contact with the female breast, with a boy or girl who is under the age of fifteen.

How Long Do Child Molesters Go to Jail for in Arizona?

Child molestation is a serious crime in Arizona, and the penalties for offenders can be severe. The specific sentence for child molestation will depend on the particular facts of the case, including the age of the victim, the severity of the offense, and the offender's criminal history. However, in general, child molestation is a Class 2 felony in Arizona, which carries a maximum sentence of 35 years in prison.

Sex Offender Registration for ARS 13-1410 Violations in Arizona

Every state has different sex offender registration requirements. In Arizona, offenders are evaluated with the standardized Arizona Risk Assessment. This test considered 19 different criteria to determine the offender’s likelihood of recidivism. Anyone convicted of an ARS 13-1410 violation in Arizona is required to register as a sex offender per ARS 13-3821.

Child molestation charges carry heavy consequences in Arizona, and we cannot stress this enough. Unfortunately, it is common for divorcing parents to accuse the other parent falsely of child molestation during a heated child custody battle. Sometimes, an angry of jealous parent will coach their children to accuse the other parent of molesting them, and preteens and teenagers have even pointed the finger to innocent fathers cause harm deliberately.

If you have been accused of molesting a child, it is critical that you engage an aggressive defense attorney from MayesTelles PLLC. With thousands of cases under our belts, we know how to investigate the facts of your case, and we know exactly what types of defenses can be used in court; for example, the alleged victim may be accusing you of something you did not do out of jealousy or spite.

In the face of sex offender registration, imprisonment, and the possible loss of child custody, you should not hesitate to contact our office today. Call (602) 428-7104.

Commonly Asked Questions

What if I have been falsely accused of child molestation during a child custody battle?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for divorcing parents to falsely accuse each other of child molestation during heated child custody battles. In such cases, it is crucial to engage an aggressive defense attorney who can investigate the facts of your case and build a strong defense.

How can MayesTelles PLLC help with child molestation charges?

MayesTelles PLLC has experienced child molestation defense attorneys who understand the serious consequences of wrongful convictions. They can investigate the facts of your case, determine the best defense strategy, and fight to protect your rights and freedom.

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