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Exposure to harmful amounts of lead can have devastating repercussions for victims and their loved ones, and especially for children. With well-documented adverse effects on the brain, behavior, and nervous system, lead poisoning poses considerable risks of life-altering health consequences. In many cases, those adverse health effects are preventable if not for another’s negligence.

At MayesTelles PLLC, our Phoenix lead poisoning attorneys help victims and families across Maricopa County and the state of Arizona pursue justice following preventable injuries, illnesses, and losses associated with exposure to lead and lead-based consumer products.

Known as “toxic torts,” these civil claims entail complex issues of liability, and are often defended against aggressively by corporations intent on protecting their bottom lines. To level the playing field with powerful defendants and position yourself to recover the compensation you deserve, working with proven attorneys is crucial.

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Lead Poisoning Cases We Handle

Lead is a toxic metal, and its use in consumer products and manufacturing processes has been steadily decreased or eliminated due to its health risks. Still, lead exists in a number of products made years ago, and is still common in many industries today.

Backed by over a century of combined experience, our legal team handles a range of lead exposure / lead poisoning claims in Arizona, including those involving:

  • Workplace lead exposure
  • Lead poisoning in children
  • Unsafe products containing lead
  • Lead in foods, cosmetics, and medicines
  • Lead paint and lead-based household materials
  • Lead exposure in rental homes or apartments
  • Environmental exposure / lead in soil or drinking water

While every case is unique, most will require victims prove another party is at fault for their harm and losses. This may require intensive investigation into the source of lead, as well as the parties responsible for lead products or contamination and whether they failed to meet a “duty of care” owed to victims.

Here are a few examples of how liability may work in lead exposure cases:

  • Filing a premises liability claim against a property owner (such as a landlord, property management company, or premises owner) liable for damages arising from lead hazards they knew or should have known about, but failed to fix.
  • Filing product liability lawsuits against product makers accountable for design or manufacturing defects in products containing dangerous amounts of lead, or for failures to warn about potential health risks associated with products.
  • Pursuing workers’ compensation benefits and / or third-party personal injury lawsuits against negligent third parties (i.e. contractors, building owners, product manufacturers) liable for damages suffered by victims exposed to lead in the workplace.
  • Holding corporations (including industrial plants and facilities) accountable for polluting the environment, groundwater, or soil and exposing nearby residents to lead.

Damages in Lead Exposure Cases

Proving fault andliability is a difficult yet crucial component of any civil claim, and especially so in toxic exposure cases. What’s more, victims will need to prove causation – or that the at-fault party’s negligence was the cause of their harm and losses. This often requires collaboration and supporting testimony from medical professionals who can provide their expert opinion on the likely source of a victim’s exposure, and the nature of its health effects – both in the short- and long-term.

As lead-poisoning can have life-altering consequences, taking a full account of damages incurred by victims, as well as damages they are reasonably likely to incur in the future, can be critical to obtaining a full and fair financial recovery. While damages in your case are specific to the facts and circumstances involved, victims with personal injury claims are generally entitled to compensation for economic and non-economic losses such as:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income and lost future wages
  • Permanent disabilities or disfigurement
  • Past and future pain and suffering

As lead exposure can create considerable physical, financial, and emotional losses for victims and their loved ones, it is possible for close family members to also receive compensation for their own emotional injuries, such as their mental anguish, or loss of emotional support and companionship.

Additionally, there are some cases where plaintiffs may potentially recover punitive damages. A form of damages designed to further punish wrongdoers and deter others, punitive damages are reserved only for cases where defendants exhibited egregious negligence or misconduct.

Lead Poisoning in Children

Exposure to lead is most concerning for young children under the age of 6, as their brains and bodies are still developing. Children most at risk are those living in older housing which may contain more lead-based products, including lead paint, lead dust, and lead-based water pipes. Children may also be exposed to lead from their drinking water, food, and various toys or consumer products.

According to the CDC, there is no safe blood lead level in children – even small amounts of lead in blood can have devastating effects on a child’s brain and central nervous system. Common effects of lead poisoning in children include:

  • Slowed growth and development / missed milestones
  • Learning disabilities and behavioral problems
  • Difficulties with hearing and speech
  • Attention disorders
  • Underperformance in school

Childhood lead poisoning is preventable, but some parties with a responsibility to ensure the safety of children may not meet their legal obligations. When children suffer lasting effects as a result, our firm helps families fight for the justice they deserve, and the compensation needed to care for their child into the future.

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