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Crush Injury

Did Someone Else’s Actions Result In Your Injury?

Crush injuries often cause considerable damage to victims – in many cases, doctors may need to amputate the affected area to effectively treat the destroyed body part. These types of injuries often happen when some part of the body is trapped between two objects and pressed down on with a considerable amount of force. The most common causes include collapsing structures, car crashes, falling objects, etc. However your crush injury happened, the important thing to do is seek immediate medical treatment in order to prevent any unnecessary complications.

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Crush injuries can cause considerable damage to victims, and when they are caused by someone else’s actions or neglect you deserve the chance to file a lawsuit to secure the legal outcome you need to move forward with your life. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers at MayesTelles PLLC have dedicated their careers to ensuring that our clients are put in the best position to fight for their rights. Contact us today to discuss your situation with one of our lawyers and learn what we can do to assist you.

Common Injuries Caused By Crushing

Some common injuries victims can suffer include:

  • Death
  • Crush syndrome
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Smashed extremities
  • Bruising
  • Fractured bones
  • Lacerations
  • Paralysis
  • Nerve damage

Crush Syndrome

Crush syndrome is one of the most dangerous issues a victim of a crush injury and their doctors need to watch out for. When skeletal muscle is crushed in an accident, muscle breakdown products like myoglobin, potassium and phosphorous can be released into the bloodstream, which can lead to major shock and renal failure. Without immediate medical treatment, this could lead to further complications and even death.

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If you suffered a serious crush injury because of someone else’s actions, it may be in your best interest to file a lawsuit to fight for the compensation you need to cover any medical expenses or other damages you may have incurred. At MayesTelles PLLC, our Phoenix personal injury attorneys are committed to providing our clients with the passionate and knowledgeable representation that will put them in the best possible position to move forward with their case and secure the legal outcome they deserve. Send us your information to start out with a free case evaluation, or call us at (602) 428-7104 today to discuss your case with a member of our firm.

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