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Civil Lawsuits Over Government Misconduct

U.S. Citizens are afforded critical protections under the Constitution – protections which limit the power of the government to infringe upon their right to free speech and due process, and protect citizens against discrimination, harassment, unlawful search and seizure, and other forms of misconduct.

Unfortunately, the government does not always act within the laws by which it is bound. When the government or its representatives violate your rights, you may have grounds to pursue justice and compensation for your losses.

MayesTelles PLLC is a Criminal and Civil Trial Law Firm recognized nationally for our work protecting the rights, freedoms, and futures of clients across Arizona. If you or someone you love have a potential case against a government entity over possible civil rights violations, our Phoenix attorneys are here to help.

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Civil Rights Cases We Handle

Backed by over a century of collective experience, and the insight of talented Civil Trial and Criminal Attorneys (several of whom are former prosecutors), our team at MayesTelles knows the laws by which the government must abide, and the strategies to help the wrongfully accused, prosecuted, and discriminated effectively fight back for the justice they deserve.

MayesTelles handles a range of civil rights cases, including those involving:

Civil Rights FAQ

What Are “Civil Rights” Cases?

Civil rights cases encompass a broad range of litigation over claims from individuals who allege the government, a public entity, or another party (such as an employer) violated their civil rights. Often, these cases concern the failures of the government to act within its bounds, and damages suffered by victims and their loved ones as a result. Claims brought by Plaintiffs in civil rights cases may range in their specifics from police and prosecutorial misconduct to police brutality, unlawful profiling or discrimination, privacy or due process violations, and more.

How Will I Know if I Have a Civil Rights Case?

Because civil rights claims are complex and fact-specific, determining if you have a potential claim will depend on the unique circumstances of your situation. Generally, you may have a viable case if your basic freedoms and Constitutional rights have been infringed upon, including rights which protect your right to due process whenever you are stopped, investigated, and charged with a criminal offense.

If you believe your rights have been violated, or are unsure as to whether you or a loved one may have a potential civil rights case, an evaluation by experienced attorneys can help you better understand your rights and options. MayesTelles offers consultations to civil rights claimants free of charge, and encourages individuals and families to speak with one of our attorneys about their unique situations.

Do I Have a Case for Police or Prosecutorial Misconduct?

Matters involving alleged police or prosecutorial misconduct are among the most common civil rights claims. While the specifics may vary, some common examples include:

  • Excessive Force: Law enforcement officers may be allowed to use force when investigating, detaining, and arresting criminal suspects, but that use of force is subject to important limitations. Generally, it must be lawful, meaning the circumstances must support the use of force, and reasonable, meaning there must be justification for the nature of force used. When officers exceed these lawful and reasonable limitations, they may have violated your rights.
  • Unlawful Arrest: Police must abide by various laws and rules of procedure in the scope of enforcing the law, including the requirement that they have reasonable suspicion and probable cause when stopping, searching, and arresting suspects. Failures to meet these requirements may not only result in evidence exclusion, case dismissals, or overturned convictions in a criminal case, but also potential civil claims over civil rights violations – especially if such failures led to wrongful convictions and actual damages suffered by victims.
  • Wrongful Conviction: Just as law enforcement officers are bound by the law when arresting suspects, prosecutors too must adhere to rules and procedures when bringing charges against defendants. Violations of a defendant’s due process rights, as well as evidence planting, coerced confessions, and other forms of misconduct during arrests and investigations, can lead to wrongful convictions and incarceration which may give rise to potential civil rights claims. With former criminal prosecutors, our team knows where the line should be drawn.

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As a firm that actively practices both criminal and civil law, MayesTelles PLLC is equipped with the insight and resources to assist in an array of civil rights cases. If you have questions about a potential claim, and what rights and options you may have for pursuing justice, contact our firm to request a free case evaluation.

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