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Out of the approximately 200,000 motorcycles registered in Arizona, almost 3,000 of them were involved in crashes in 2015. Unlike the 5 million plus passenger vehicles registered in the state, these motorcyclists don’t have the same metal frame, roof, or airbags protecting them during a crash, leaving them more vulnerable to serious injuries or even death.

According to data collected by the Arizona Department of Transportation, more than 80 percent of motorcyclists involved in a crash suffered some sort of injury, compared to less than 32 of drivers and passengers involved in passenger car crashes.

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The Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys at MayesTelles PLLC understand the nuances and issues that may come up during any case, and are ready and prepared to handle and overcome them in order to secure you the compensation you deserve. That kind of knowledge doesn’t come overnight – our attorneys have nearly 100 years of collective experience securing verdicts and results for our clients, and we have experience working with clients throughout the entire state.

Who Was At Fault?

Far too many motorcycle crashes are caused by negligent drivers who fail to account for other types of vehicles sharing the road with them. In these crashes, the driver of the passenger vehicle has a sturdy metal frame and airbags to keep them safe, but the motorcyclist‘s body is only protected by the clothes on their back.

One of the keys to any motorcycle accident case is proving that the other party was at fault, so it’s vital to take down as much information as you can at the scene and to get yourself medical attention as soon as possible both to ensure your safety and to have accurate documentation of the injuries caused by the accident. Because damages are often significantly higher in motorcycle accidents, another key is making sure to evaluate any and all insurance policies that may be available to cover a rider’s loss.

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A crash at any speed could result in a serious injury and rapidly growing medical bills. If your injury is so serious that you need to take time off work, this could put both your health and financial standing in jeopardy – that’s where we come in.

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Our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers at MayesTelles PLLC have proven themselves time and again in court and during negotiations, and are ready to use their skills to protect your rights in order to secure the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills, as well as any other damages you may have incurred.

Safety should be every driver’s number one priority on the road, but when a negligent driver fails to look out for their fellow motorists our lawyers are prepared to step in and help you secure the maximum possible compensation. Call us today at (602) 428-7104 to speak with one of our attorneys, or fill out the form on our website to give us more details about your case.

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