• There are no words I can give you to thank you for what your company has done for me!!
    I came to this company in November. I was a convicted felon and could not pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. Nicole Lopez was assigned to my case. Through the entire time she has been in contact with me with updates as they came. Within a few short months I got the call from Nicole saying that I was no longer considered a convicted felon and it was Arizona's way of expunging my record. I can't tell you how much this meant to me as now I have an opportunity to become a nurse and leave my past in the past. I would recommend them 1000%, specifically her. The entire staff was so kind and nobody treated me any different because of my past! There are no words I can give you to thank you for what your company has done for me!! Thank you so much!

    - K.H.

  • Loyal! Honest law firm! Best lawyers ever! Only pick MayesTelles
    I sure hope to never get in trouble again but when I did I put my money and trust in MayesTelles. Not only do they listen, they CARE! As if it was them in my shoes! They don't judge you or make you feel uncomfortable and you can sit back and relax while they fight for you! I would recommend this law firm for anyone that is in trouble because there fast professional and to the point! Don't go anywhere call them know! there here to help you and me get through our obstacle! Good luck to whoever is reading this! :)

    - L. M.

  • Choosing MayesTelles was a great choice which has put my mind at ease.
    I never thought I would be someone needing a criminal lawyer. Choosing Mayes Telles was a great choice which has put my mind at ease. Melanie Laboy has been super responsive to my case and kept me informed during this entire process. It is a comforting feeling knowing she has my back and working hard getting my name cleared. Sheri Castillo has been very helpful in keeping me updated and ensuring my particular court request are filled quickly. These two are a great team and I highly recommend them to handle any high profile case.

    - E.W.

  • I had a great experience and would definitely recommend David Lish.
    Got myself in some trouble and David Lish pulled me right out. He was really good at making me feel comfortable and helping me understand exactly what was going on with my case. David made my Felony go down to a misdemeanor and allowed me to come home to Nevada while he was fighting my case in Arizona. I had a great experience and would definitely recommend David Lish. Thank you so much!

    - Elizabeth

    Categories: David LIsh
  • Zach Thornley the greatest criminal lawyer at Mayes Telles
    I have been charged with a misdemeanor count 1.... The battle wasn't in my favor (difficult judge difficult case etc).... Zach turned hell to heaven (not guilty) for me and I will never say enough thank you for the fantastic job he did!!!!! Zach thank you for your great job

    - SG

    Categories: Zach Thornley
  • David Telles is the best lawyer in my experience
    David Telles is the best lawyer in my experience. It was a pretty big case,but he handled very professionally. My case was dismissed, I was very happy with the result and I am really thanks to David Telles. Thank you so much again.

    - Hanna

    Categories: David Telles
  • Professional, fair, and successful results for our clients.
    We are often asked what law firm do we see offers excellent advice and successful results for our clients and we tell them Mayes Telles. Blake Mayes, David Telles and Dean Turnbow have had fantastic communication with our office and our clients can't speak any higher about their experiences with this firm. We appreciate the partnership that we have created and look forward to working together many more times.

    - Sanctuary Bail Bonds

  • Professional, fair, and successful results for our clients.
    We are often asked what law firm do we see offers excellent advice and successful results for our clients and we tell them Mayes Telles. Blake Mayes, David Telles and Dean Turnbow have had fantastic communication with our office and our clients can't speak any higher about their experiences with this firm. We appreciate the partnership that we have created and look forward to working together many more times.

    - Sanctuary Bail Bonds

    Categories: David Telles, Blake Mayes
  • Highly recommend Mayes Telles!
    Melanie Laboy and Sheri Castillo are amazing! I cannot tell you how happy I am with this firm. This has been a very stressful time in my life and I know I can always get in contact with Melanie. She promptly addresses all my questions and concerns. I am very impressed! I have dealt with other firms in the past and I had a hard time getting a returned phone call. Great experience during a very difficult time.
    Categories: Melanie Laboy
  • Instills confidence!
    I was referred to Blake Mayes and it was certainly a sound and solid referral. Blake was diligent and thorough. He was patient and explained clearly to me what steps we were taking and why. He was always available by phone or email. I was confident working with Blake and will certainly recommend him to family and friends. Thank you, Blake!

    - Carole W

  • Best firm ever!
    My lawyer was the best. They help me a lot thru the end of my case with excellent results. Really recommend this firm and my lawyer. Thank you!

    - J. Guzman

  • they made sure I understood all of my options I had available to me.
    ANSWERED all my questions And would definitely recommend them, they made sure I understood all of my options I had available to me. Thanks, Mayes Telles.

    - Leo

  • An amazing law firm with an exceptional team
    From the very beginning, I was extremely impressed with MayesTelles and could not have picked a better firm. dean was my initial contact and was wonderful to work with. My case was assigned to Mark Mendoza and he went above and beyond to help me. Mark and his assistant Elizabeth were exceptional! they made me feel at ease and stayed in contact with me at all times. if i had a question, they answered me in a very timely fashion. i never had to wait on them to get back to me and no question of mine went unanswered. i felt comfortable with mark immediately. mark got me an amazing deal and i could not be happier considering the situation. if you are looking for a firm that is professional, loyal and amazing at what they do, look no more, I highly recommend MayesTelles!

    - MLM

    Categories: Mark Mendoza
  • These attorneys are always available 24 hrs. a day.
    The best attorneys you will find,that go above and beyond the job expected of them. Also the paralegals are very good and efficient. The firm also are wonderful.

    - J.Brink

  • Awesome lawyers
    I got arrested for over 5 pounds marijuana and 32 marijuana plants Melanie Laboy got me 3 years probation They are an excellent law firm who took payments Fasil,Toby,Elizabeth were all very awesome helpers I would recommend them to anyone.

    - T.S.

    Categories: Melanie Laboy
  • Absolutely the best
    My thanks for real to Mark Mendoza you are absolutely the greatest I was facing 15 + years I ended up with probation. I recommend this to law firm the staff was remarkable as well. Absolutely the best. Thanks Mayes/yelled I'm forever in yr debt

    - Kevin O.

    Categories: Mark Mendoza
  • The BEST lawyers in AZ
    I hired this firm to represent my son the night he was arrested. They were so wonderful about everything. They even went for his initial appearance that next morning and got him released. The attorney who represented him was David Lish. He was detailed, professional and reassuring. He always did exactly what he said he would and was very prompt to respond to any concerns or questions. He got my son the best possible result, we were very pleased and I would highly recommend Mayes Telles and David Lish without reservation.
    Categories: David LIsh
  • Thank you for everything!
    On a personal level thank you for everything! You have been amazing every step of the way and in every way a blessing in my life!

    - Brandon

  • They got my whole case dismissed
    Mr Telles and David Lish are by far the very best in industry, I was facing up to 15 years in prison and for a very serious crime that i was accused of but did not commit. only because of there highly skilled experience were they were able to expose the Glendale police dept in a series of manufactured and fabricated lies in an effort to completely destroy my whole life, David Lish and Mr Telles exposed even the smallest details that were being completely minimized and ignored by the state , as a result they got my whole case dismissed.

    - H.H.

    Categories: David Telles, David LIsh
  • The best personal Injury Staff
    I would like to thank the personal injury department for their wonderful customer service. They were very reassuring,guiding me through the case process. Michelle is especially good at client communication. I would recommend to family and friends if you are ever in an auto accident.
    Categories: Personal Injury
  • Five stars from the start!
    If you find yourself in need of a great criminal attorney you've come to the right place! Not only do they treat you with respect they take the time to make sure you thoroughly understand what is going on which was a big relief it's the unknown that we are all frightened of. Top Notch attorneys who care. The entire Supporting Cast from receptionist two assistants very professional and friendly! An extra 5 stars goes to the finance department who got creative to make it affordable to an average guy can't thank them enough. When I ran into a snag on the payment plan they went the extra mile to help me find a way to make it work two thumbs up to the whole organization!
  • They made an emotional & overwhelming process an easy victory
    When I had my accident It seemed like such an overwhelming situation.... then I called the attorneys office and suddenly I felt relieved. Michelle & Gail handled my entire case from start to finish... made the stress disappear & not only handled every step along the way but also finished with a huge victory!!!
    Categories: Personal Injury
  • Your team will never understand how appreciative I am
    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your team will never understand how appreciative I am. Thank you for working for me, fighting for me and being there to answer my millions of questions.

    - E.H.

  • Handled Each Step Of My Case Very Professionally
    Blake handled each step of my case very professionally and at the end of it all delivered a very positive outcome. He explained everything each step of the way and was always available to answer questions. Dealing with the courts, especially a criminal case, is a very tough time but Blake made it positive and kept me in high spirits.

    - Daniel

    Categories: Blake Mayes
  • Contacted Me Within 24 Hours
    When I contacted the firm I was frightened and quite panicked, but from the first phone call I was reassured that I would get the best possible representation and I DID. I was notified right away that Attorney Mayes would be handling my case. As soon as I received that notification Mr. Mayes contacted me within 24 hours to go over my case and my concerns. He was very knowledgeable, sincere and put my mind at ease. If I emailed him I would get a response almost instantly. I was very satisfied with his and the firms service and would recommend him and the law firm without hesitation.

    - Alicia

    Categories: Blake Mayes
  • Excellent Attorney
    Blake Mayes is an excellent attorney. Needing an attorney's services is a scary prospect in itself but I could not have asked for a better person to be working with. Blake made the entire process painless and comfortable. What I think I appreciated the most was how thoroughly he explained every step of the process and what I could expect. This put my mind at ease and made a stressful situation a little less so. He also had a non-judgmental attitude which was nice. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. I also had the opportunity to interact with some of his office staff and fellow attorneys. I would highly recommend him and his entire law firm if you ever find yourself in a difficult spot.
    Categories: Blake Mayes
  • Extremely Responsive & Professional

    Blake is very informed and always fighting to defend my best interest. Most of all he is always available to answer my questions and concerns. Also projected extreme confidence that put me at ease.

    David Telles was brilliant!!! I would have this firm represent me again hands down!

    I was thoroughly impressed by the high level of legal expertise and professionalism that Blake Mayes and his associates displayed throughout my entire case. They took on a pro-active approach from the very beginning and they were always extremely responsive to my needs/concerns. They consistently exceeded my expectations (which were high to begin with) and I was completely satisfied with the final outcome. I would recommend the services of MayesTelles to anyone looking for legal representation, as they would certainly be my first call for any legal issues I may have in the future. Thank you again for everything!!!

    Very satisfied with their professionalism and the services they provided! Thank you for all your help!

    I truly appreciate all the help you've provided me with. I will definitely be sending all other legal questions and concerns your way.

    - Carlos

    Categories: David Telles, Blake Mayes
  • Best Firm To Have Been Around
    Mayestelles has brought me out of an almost terrible situation. As a man who was looking at 30 plus years and barely beginning life at 18, I am thankful for these miracle workers. I was assigned two of the best lawyers I have ever met and they worked harder than I could have ever imagined. This firm has not only brought me out of a bad situation, but has also enlightened me. They have an amazing team who works day and night and they have been the most helpful people to me and my family. I would suggest them to anyone who is in need of saviors.

    - Brandon

  • Excellent staff, very experienced.
    I Just wanna say that Mayes Telles did an excellent job handling my case out of Mohave County. After having to fire my previous attorney I found Mayes Telles and they were Able to get me a much better outcome to my case. Melanie and Brooke are very hard workers and have went above And beyond when it came to Helping me out. Thanks a lot you guys

    - R. Herrera

    Categories: Melanie Laboy
  • They are the best!
    They are the best!  I was being charge for something I didn't do and she defend me to death. Thank you so much!
  • Five star attorneys five star supporting crew absolutely the whole package
    Very knowledgeable attorneys who take the time to thoroughly explain all situations! David very good at communicating and explaining things even to a simple guy like me. Dean and the rest of the crew have been so helpful throughout the whole process. Making the experience as affordable as possible. When I had a snag making a payment they work with me and I can't tell you how much I appreciated that! If you find yourself meeting great legal help this is the place!!!!
    Categories: David Telles
  • A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it's all thanks to this office
    I had a phenomenal experience with MayesTelles. My case was extremely complicated yet the attorney's at MayesTelles were able to work through the details with me. I am extremely grateful for my attorney David Lish, and after nearly 1 year we were able to correct the courts mistake. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it's all thanks to this office, I can't say it enough, THANK YOU!

    - R.L.

    Categories: David LIsh
  • Thank you!
    Thank you! You have been a great deal of relief. In my time of conflict.You have been a real breath of relief. Thank you so much Thank you. Thank you Toby, Thank you Zach Thornley.
    Categories: Zach Thornley
  • Best firm in Phoenix by far!!!!
    Never thought I would be in this situation but I know I made the best decision when I came to this Firm. Gail Barsky and Michelle Lopez exceeded my expectations With their great customer service and a great payout. After all I went through it was totally worth it! They are such a great team and I would recommend this firm to all my friends and family.
    Categories: Gail Barsky
  • So happy I chose this law firm!
    Candy Marrufo is very sweet and fantastic at her job. I was charged with a super extreme DUI in August 2014 and had almost everything dropped down two levels to a regular DUI which is very rare and a difficult thing to do. She took care of everything and put my mind at ease. The overwhelming fear of a DUI is difficult to handle, but Candy was able to take some of that away. She is professional, honest and really takes the time to help her clients. When it came to finances, they were flexible and worked with me, which I really appreciated.
    Thank you, MAYESTELLES and especially Miss Marrufo!

    - Jessica H.

    Categories: Candy Marrufo
  • Will go above and beyond for you.
    Very good at explaining the progress with you and will go above and beyond for you. After my case was over I was not allowed to leave state, but Paula went back to court for me and got a court order for me to be able to travel which saved my job.

    - Bian

  • The firm's support team are a cut above!
    Martha Arreguin, paralegal for attorney Mayes, is nothing short of amazing. A consummate professional who is willing to go the extra mile for you. A lot of times we as clients do not recognize the backbone of any lawfirm, the paralegals and support staff. Martha Arreguin will show up to her desk early to assist you in your legal matters, stay late to speak to you over the phone when you have questions/concerns, will advocate for you when no one else will, and always puts her clients needs first and foremost. No matter where I live, no matter how close or far, no matter the legal issue, I want her on my side to address any legal issue I may ever have.

    - M.

  • Amazing service from this firm!!
    When looking online for a criminal attorney, I decided to fill out a case review and was shocked when only 5 minutes later I got a call directly from the company! Through this whole experience, Sheri has handled my questions in a timely manner and been so supportive! I would recommend Mayes Telles to anyone in need of a criminal law attorney!

    - Marcy

  • Look no further!
    I had the opportunity to get represented by David Lish with my case. I honestly dont know where to start... having to see a lawyer is obviously not for easy or good times in life. All I can say is that Mr. Lish literally went out of his way to make sure I had the best representation I could get. Even when my case threw curve balls at him he kept me calm and reassured me everything would be alright. Mr. Lish was able to reduce my sentencing, which i didn't even know was possible for my type of case. Apart from being a professional you can tell Mr. Lish cares so much about every case and client and is very passionate about what he does. Mayes Telles law firm is honestly the best choice, they respond right away and take a tremendous amount of weight off of your shoulder.

    - Chandler

    Categories: David LIsh
  • An Outstanding Law firm!
    I hope I never need the help of a criminal lawyer again but if I do Claudia Horan is my choice by far. She was able to get my DUI set aside. Thank you so much Claudia.

    - Kevin

  • Great Customer service
    Gail Barsky and Michelle Lopez took the time to call me with updates on my case and were always very helpful explaining the process. Thank you very Much to both of you!
    Categories: Gail Barsky
  • Highly recommend these ladies
    Gail Barsky and Michelle Lopez are an awesome team! I recommend this firm.

    - S.

    Categories: Gail Barsky
  • Sin duda alguna los mejores ellos pelean al Maximo por tu caso Ami me sacaron de la cárcel.mayes Telles los mejores.
    Gracias Mayes telles.sin duda los mejores.Estos abogados son los mejores en caso criminal.penal yo los. Recomiendo ampliamente.porque me ayuda.
  • I would give them a 5 star rating any day of the week.
    Recently I had a reason to talk with MayesTelles and they answered all my questions and went over and above any firm. I highly recommend them, especially Brooke and Faisal. I would give them a 5 star rating any day of the week.

    - Lucille

  • Great People ready to take care of Business!
    Melanie Laboy is the best lawyer ever! She has done such an amazing job in a family members case!! And still is! If your looking for a great lawyer, I would totally recommend Melanie! Hands down!! And if your looking for a great lawfirm, Mayestelles lawfirm is where you want to go!! Melanie and her assistant Brooke Throngard are amazing team. They have done a really great job for my family! Very understanding, very good people to talk to. Right on top of everything!!
    The best!

    - CJ White

    Categories: Melanie Laboy
  • Great Law firm
    I don't normally write reviews, but my attorney Melanie was the definition of professionalism while working my issues. I would RECOMMEND this firm and Melanie to any of my friends and relatives. Thank you for all you do it is greatly appreciated.

    - W.

    Categories: Melanie Laboy
  • Legal representation at its finest
    I cannot say enough good things about Mayes Telles attorneys and their paralegal staff. I highly recommend Mayes Telles to anyone in need of legal counsel. 5 stars and 2 thumbs way up! Thank YOU ALL FOR A STELLAR JOB!!

    - Nicholas

  • Mark Mendoza is a great attorney
    I highly recommend Mark Mendoza, he is very knowledgeable and helpful as an attorney!! He provides excellent service & legal advice!

    - J.P.

    Categories: Mark Mendoza
  • Want the best? Get MeyesTelles
    From the minute I walked in the office of MayesTelles I knew we had made the right choice. The first person we met with was Legal Administrator Toby Lee who was very professional and courteous, he made us feel like we were their number 1 priority. He was very knowledgeable, he answered all of our question and reviewed how the process would work. Once we met with Mr. Lee we knew MayesTelles was the right choice. The lawyer assigned to us was David Lish. We had met with a public defender prior to going to MayesTelles and the difference between the public defender and Mr Lish was day and night. Mr Lish was excellent, he was able to get what was most likely to be a two year prison sentence for my daughter reduce to 9 days! I would highly recommend MayesTelles to anyone needing legal help, they are truly the best.
    Categories: David LIsh