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Truck Tire Blowouts

Poor Maintenance And Neglect Can Cause Tires To Blow

One of the most important tasks a truck driver needs to continuously keep up to date on is keeping their truck in proper working order. If they fail to do so, they increase the risk of their vehicle breaking down while on the road, potentially causing a catastrophic crash. Along with ensuring that the mechanical parts of the truck are in proper working order, truck drivers need to keep a close eye on their tires. While they’re designed to travel for hundreds of thousands of miles, they aren’t impervious to wear and tear from damaged roads, changes in temperature, poor maintenance, etc. If a tire blows while traveling down the road, the driver could easily lose control of their vehicle and cause a crash.

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How Do Truck Tires Blow?

According to the limited data manufacturing companies release about their products, the most common months for truck tires to blow is between May and October, generally the hottest months of the year. The most common factors that can cause a truck tire to burst include:

  • Overinflated Tires: As the temperature heats up throughout spring and into the summer, truck drivers need to take care to make sure that their tires don’t reach dangerous levels – even when the weather isn’t quite so hot, drivers may choose to keep their tires inflated to the upper limits of the manufacturer’s recommended levels in order to increase the amount of cargo their truck can handle. No matter the reason, an overinflated tire puts potentially dangerous levels of stress on the tire’s internal components that can lead to a rupture.
  • Underinflated Tires: On the other side of pressure levels, underinflated tires also put additional and unnecessary stress on the internal components of a tire that could lead to a catastrophic failure. Not only do underinflated tires generate more friction during transit, there’s the risk that their low levels of air pressure are caused by a leak, only increasing the risk of the tire bursting.
  • Poor Road Conditions: No tire can withstand the constant beating cracked roads and potholes give every day on the road, and while there are long stretches of road in pristine condition, trucks travel thousands of miles every week. As they begin to wear down with age, they risk of sudden failure when hitting a damaged part of the road only increases.
  • Overloaded Vehicles: Loading trucks beyond their federally regulated limits can dramatically increase the chances of a tire blowout. Along with the increased stress from added weight, drivers who overload their vehicles also tend to overinflate their tires to increase the carrying capacity of their vehicle, only increasing the potential danger.

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