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Arizona Set to Revoke Medical Marijuana Cards


Under Arizona's medical marijuana law, patients with certain debilitating medical conditions, such as chronic pain, cancer and muscle spasms, may receive a physician's authorization to use medicinal marijuana. After receiving authorization, they are required to register with the state, which issues the marijuana ID cards.

However, Arizona officials have made it difficult for those holding a medical marijuana card to get their medication and some patients and caregivers may have their cards revoked for violations of Arizona's new medical marijuana law. Cards are typically taken away if the cops notify health officials of an arrest tied to buying or selling medical marijuana; Arizona's law does not allow for sales outside of dispensaries. Despite Arizona voters approving to legalize medical marijuana nearly two years ago, these dispensaries are still not able to open, due to holdups by Governor Jan Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne. This means that, for now, patients may give marijuana to each other but may not receive anything of value in return.

Health officials have revoked the medical marijuana cards of two caregivers, who typically grow marijuana for themselves and others, and are investigating 10 others for possible violations of Arizona's medical marijuana law according to Arizona Department of Health and Safety rules administrator, Tom Salow. With dispensaries unable to open, it is hard for patients and caregivers not to violate the law. Patients and caregivers are confused about what they are supposed to do to get their medication.

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