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Is It Possible to Expunge Drug Charges in Phoenix?


The state of Arizona does not have the same type of expungement laws as other states. This is not just regarding drug charges; expungement is not allowed for any type of criminal charges in Arizona. The state does, however, have a similar idea through 'setting aside' convictions. This method of relief has similar benefits to the expungement process. While it is not actually possible to have your arrest or charge fully erased or sealed, there are some options.

Having your conviction 'set aside' does not remove it from your criminal record, but if someone was to check your record, the conviction will appear as set aside. This means that potential employers can still view your record and see the existence of the conviction, but they will be aware that you satisfied the conditions of your sentence and the court has dismissed any charges now.

You can 'set aside' drug convictions in Arizona. Once you complete all conditions of your sentence or probation order, you may have it set aside. This means that the court has vacated the conviction and the charges are now dismissed, but it does remain on your record. Offenses such as sex crimes, serious assault, some driving offenses, and offenses against a child are not eligible for this relief.

For more information on the setting aside of a drug offense, check out the Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 13-907. This process can help you seek employment, restore your right to vote and own a gun and have it noted on your record that it was set aside. If you are interested in having your drug conviction set aside, team up with a Phoenix drug lawyer from MayesTelles PLLC. We can help you determine if you are eligible and walk you through the process, call now to set up your free case evaluation.

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