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How to Post Bail in Phoenix


Question: If I'm arrested in Phoenix, what steps do I need to take to post bond?

Answer: If you have been arrested in Phoenix or elsewhere in Maricopa County, know that bond is set by statute. When you appear before a judge at your arraignment, he or she will inform you of your right to post bail and how much it will cost. The cost of bail will differ depending on the alleged offense. In cases where the judge believes the offender poses a risk to themselves or others, bail will not be granted.

Where to Post Bail

If your loved one is in jail after being arrested in Maricopa County, you can post any bonds and fines at the Fourth Avenue Jail Bond & Fine room. The payment will need to be processed, which can take up to two full days, but often less. Once bond is paid and processed, your loved one can be released from jail until their hearing date.

Means of Payment

The Jail Bond & Fine Room will accept any one of the following methods of payment:

  • Cashier's Check
  • U.S. Postal Money Order
  • Western Union Money Order

Cash is not accepted. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office asks that you address all checks as "pay to the order of: The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office."

If you do not have enough money on hand to post bail, then you can contact a bail bonds service. The bail bond service posts the bond with the court and will work out the payment with you. Most bail bond services charge 10-15% of the total bond requirement upfront.

Remember, bond is collateral. Posting bail allows an offender to be released until his or her hearing date. If the offender does not return for their hearing, the judge will issue a bench warrant, meaning the defendant can be arrested on-site and could face harsher penalties.

If you have been arrested, contact a Phoenix criminal lawyer at MayesTelles PLLC today!

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