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Can Juvenile Records Be Expunged?


It’s normal for teenagers to make mistakes. It’s part of growing up. But your mistakes should not have to haunt you, especially if you’ve rectified your behavior. That is why, in Arizona, you can have your records expunged. That means that you can ask the court to set aside a criminal conviction. In juvenile cases, two files are held.

  1. Legal files- Legal files are records that are accumulated by the court regarding your court case. These files include charges, convictions, minutes, motions, and all pleadings. These files are usually open to the public unless otherwise noted by the court.
  2. Social files- Social files are files that highlight rehabilitation plans. The probation department holds them. They are kept confidential unless otherwise noted by the court.

Both files are important in your court case. They remain in the system unless you ask to have them expunged.

How to Expunge Your Record

When you ask to have your records expunged, there are certain things of which you need to be aware. To qualify for having your records expunged, you must first be eighteen. Your records qualify for expungement if they:

  • Resulted in diversion
  • Did not result in further action
  • You were placed in a community-based alternative
  • Completed all terms of probation or were dismissed from your juvenile facility

You also must not have had the following convictions:

  • Adult felony offense
  • Have no adult criminal charges pending
  • Were not convicted of a DUI

With your records set aside, the public can still access your conviction, but it will show that you’ve satisfied all the disciplinary requirements.

Asking to have records expunged can be complicated. That is why we work hard at MayesTelles PLLC to ensure our clients have their records taken care of. Call us today to leave your mistakes in the past!

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