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Police Say Tempe's 'Amazing Spa' Was Sex Trafficking Front


MayesTelles is available to consult with anyone who may have visited Amazing Spa and has received inquiries from law enforcement.

“Amazing Spa” in Tempe, Arizona has reportedly been shut down by authorities after they discovered it was operating as a sex trafficking operation.

Following a 10 month investigation into the massage parlor by the Attorney General’s Office and the Tempe Police Department, they discovered the business owners were using young women to participate in sex acts for money.

According to Lt. Michael Pooley, a Tempe police spokesman, the women were mostly from China and Korea, and would work an average of 15 hours a day and 7 days a week. They would see multiple customers per day, were rotated out of the location frequently when new girls came in to work, and would be transferred to another, currently unidentified location.

Police believe the women were trafficked into the country to work as prostitutes, rather than arriving by choice. The young women reportedly slept on floors in nearby neighborhoods.

The leaders of the operation, identified as suspects Angela Chan and Kyoung Mi Song, would receive most of the money earned from transactions, with little compensation given to the sex workers. Chan and Song were both arrested on suspicion or transportation for the purpose of prostitution.

The business reportedly attracted customers from the surrounding area through online advertisements. According to police, there was a high volume of customers and a significant amount of cash exchanged hands throughout the course of their investigation.

Police say that they have identified many of the customers of Amazing Spa, and believe they will identify many more as the investigation continues.

If you visited Amazing Spa and are receiving inquiries from law enforcement, contact MayesTelles today to discuss your legal rights before you speak to law enforcement.

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