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How Not to Conduct Yourself When Interacting with Police


handcuffs and gavelAt MayesTelles PLLC, we have seen a number of individuals who have come into our office after being arrested in situations that could have been avoided. They are often in simple situations, but because they don’t know how to conduct themselves, they end up getting in more trouble than they initially would have. As Phoenix criminal defense lawyers, we feel it is our duty to help our clients and other citizens by explaining how not to conduct yourself when interacting with police.

Do Not Raise Your Voice

When people feel that they are innocent in a matter, they tend to raise their voices in order to get their point across. This can prove to be counter-productive. The louder you get with an officer, the more they will take it as aggressiveness. It is best to avoid anything that may appear as a challenge to the officer so they are not put on the defensive.

Do Not Disrespect the Officer

Most of the time, officers will try to be polite and cordial with suspects. This means they expect the same treatment in return. When you act with defiance or disrespect, you may agitate the officer and give him or her reason to detain you.

Do Not Make Statements

All too often, individuals who have been pulled over or are being questioned by an officer make a statement involving the situation that can be used against them. The Miranda rights state “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” This is a serious statement and anything you divulge while interacting with an officer can be used against you.

Do Not Resist

While we encourage you to understand your rights regarding illegal search and seizure, if an officer had reasonable cause to pull you over and search your vehicle, do not try to resist. The same can be said if the officer is attempting to place you under arrest. Not only can this end badly for you, but it can add charges to your crime.

Anytime you interact with law enforcement and you feel that you are being detained unfairly, contact a lawyer. At MayesTelles PLLC, our Phoenix criminal defense attorneys have the experience required to guide you throughout all aspects of an arrest. Call today and learn how we may be able to help you get through this situation.

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