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Avoiding DUIs Over Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day Weekend is a fantastic time to kick back and relax with friends and family, but just like any other time of the year, it’s incredibly important to stay safe if you plan on getting behind the wheel of a car. Police departments are preparing to set up DUI checkpoints all across Arizona, something they do for every holiday weekend throughout the year. You should also be aware that police don't just patrol for Labor Day drunk drivers at traffic stops and on the road, but they can also accuse you of DUI when you're not even driving.

Last year, officers and deputies stopped approximately 7,500 drivers and arrested almost 300 people for DUIs on Labor Day Weekend alone, and 73 of those arrests were extreme DUIs, meaning that the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .15 or higher. While police departments generally change where they set up these DUI checkpoints – also known as roadblocks or mobile checkpoints – they are often located on frequently travelled roads near places that serve alcohol, like bars or clubs. Some websites like and give information on where these checkpoints may be, though their lists aren’t complete.

As frustrating as these DUI checkpoints may be, police don’t try to disguise them or put them up without notice. Mesa Police Department Sgt. Joe Meacham told CBS5 that:

"We're not trying to sneak up on anyone or surprise them. This is one of the things we do. We have a high visibility patrol so that we can deter people from driving impaired."

Once you dive into the financial implications of DUI checkpoints, it’s not hard to see why they’re so common. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, police departments save around $62,500 in travel delay costs, the value of mobility losses by drivers sanctioned and apprehended for DUIS, and police resources spent by setting up these checkpoints, which only cost an estimated $8,900 to set up and run.

First time DUI convictions can carry significant jail time and fines with surcharges totaling thousands of dollars, along with community service, a mandatory alcohol treatment and education program, and an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle that will stop your vehicle from starting if any alcohol is detected on your breath. Each subsequent DUI comes with harsher penalties, steeper fines, longer jail time, and the possibility that your license will be revoked.

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