Why Doctor Shopping Is a Crime

When some people hear the term doctor shopping, they may believe it refers to an individual attempting to find a new doctor or to get a second opinion on an existing medical condition. Doctor shopping is actually a drug crime in the state of Arizona. A criminal act is committed when an individual seeks to obtain medical advice, treatment, and prescription drugs from multiple doctors simultaneously without any intention of coordinating the care.

In most cases, doctor shopping is done to try and fraudulently obtain multiple prescriptions for the same controlled substance in an effort to satisfy a person's own personal drug addiction habit, or for the purpose of selling the medications to others.

Taking a drug that was not prescribed specifically for you or taking more pills than your prescription calls for can result in serious injuries, permanent damage, and in the worst case scenario, death. If you are accused of doctor shopping, you will be facing criminal drug charges of doctor shopping and/or prescription fraud. You could also face charges for more serious drug crimes if it is alleged that you made any attempt to distribute or sell the prescription drugs in your possession.

We understand that being arrested and charged with doctor shopping, or any other drug crime offense, can be a very daunting experience. No matter the reasons and circumstances that led up to your arrest, our firm will provide you with the aggressive strategy you need for your defense. The most effective way to increase your chances of having the charges filed against you reduced, dismissed, or being found not guilty at trial is to have a highly skilled Phoenix drug attorney representing you.

The attorneys at MayesTelles PLLC have a comprehensive understanding of Arizona's drug crime laws and our entire team is dedicated to doing everything possible to help our clients defend their rights and preserve their freedoms. To discuss your particular case and to find out how we may be able to help you, contact our firm.